When you first saw your motorcycle, was it love at first sight? Love at first ride? Okay, enough with the clichés – but honestly, you probably didn’t choose the first bike you saw, and it’s much the same with motorcycle insurance policies. The policy has to fit your unique needs and riding lifestyle, as well as be well within your budget.

Going for that exhilarating ride can be one of the most incredible experiences, but also one of the most dangerous. Did you know that a motorcycle accident, one involving serious injuries, happens about every six minutes in Canada? Or that, of those accidents, a startling 80% result in a fatality? A motorcycle insurance policy is not something you can go without – you need it.

Aside from the accident potential, you also face the possibility of losing your bike to theft. The number of stolen motorcycles increases every year – and less than a quarter of those bikes are ever returned to their rightful owner.

A motorcycle policy is about managing the risks – it’s something you can do to be preventative. Without a policy, just one accident could drain your hard-won savings as hospital bills take over the top spot on your list of bills.

Dan Avon has been in pillar in the Insurance Industry when it comes to motorcycles since early 2001. From passion Dan saw an opportunity to insure custom built motorcycles and became wildly successful, that niche turned into insuring Harleys, Motocross, Sport bikes, on-track race bikes, and everyday cruisers. Dan has developed programs, provided assistance to actuarial rates and underwriting for several Insurance Companies, created opportunities for industry related partners and helped to bring an overall awareness of motorcycling to the masses through his former Brokerages. Few Brokerages or companies even desired to write this class of Business and today most all Companies in Ontario provide motorcycle insurance as a coverage extension or option.

Claims happen, get trust on your side that understands this business better than anyone?

Motorcycle insurance coverage options

Like any insurance product, there are mandatory minimums that vary from province to province, and we can help make sure you’re in compliance. There are additional, optional coverages that are both reasonably priced and can give you a more comprehensive policy, such as:

  • Additional liability
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Roadside assistance
  • Accessory replacement
  • Totalled/Replacement cost
  • Trip interruption
  • Rentals

We can also help you find deep discounts for policies you already carry – for instance, if you’ve taken a certified safety course for motorcycles, your policy fee will be less. Same if you bundle multiple policies with us, such as home, auto, and boat. AIM Insurance can help you find exactly the right coverage for your needs, lifestyle, and budget. We’re old pros at insurance, and we AIM to keep your tomorrows bright by protecting you today.

Group Home Insurance

With AIM group home insurance, your home and all belongings are covered. Even the most basic coverage plan includes cost of replacement. Plus, the added benefits first insurance claim forgiveness and other optional protections. And you could pay less than $100 per month with a group policy. Are you a condo owner? You could pay less than a dollar a day for our premium condo insurance – even less if you join with a group. We cover you today, because we AIM to protect your tomorrow.