Commission Disclosure

AIM Insurance is fully independent brokerage firm operating in Ontario. Being a Brokerage we represent multiple Insurance Companies. We try and stay local and serve the communities we are located within so that we know and understand the needs of our clients and the policies and coverages that should be made available to them. AIMs Broker's are licensed individuals that have met regulatory requirement to achieve their designation.

For our part in placing Insurance contracts with Insurance Companies we are provided a commission as part of the Compensation for our services and value-adds. Commission are paid generally when the policy is written and on its renewal anniversary.

Aviva*20%10 – 15%
EchelonN/A12.5% – 15%
Economical *20%10% – 12.5%<
Facility (RSA)N/A6% to 11% Capped at $250
RSA*20%10% – 12.5%
Travelers *20%12.5%
Unica *20%12.5%
Various Specialty Markets10% – 15%7.5% – 12.5%

Knowing our clients is very important to our success and the success of Insurance company Partners to maintain a viable product marketplace. An asterisk is shown in the chart above for companies offering programs. Contingent Commission is not guaranteed. Formulas based on certain criteria involving: overall premium volume; growth percentages; profitability (loss ratio); business retention rates; and other service initiatives, we may qualify for compensation under the Contingent Commission programs of insurers.

Your Insurer will provide you with the Consumer Code of Rights and Responsibilities provided with your new business/renewal policy, or please contact our office for further guidance and where to obtain more information. This information can also usually be found on your insuring Companies website.

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