5 Reasons to work with an insurance broker

Why work with an insurance broker?

Even though we hope to never use it, we all need insurance to protect our family and possessions. But purchasing insurance can be an overwhelming experience – from figuring out how much coverage you need, to determining what should be covered, selecting the right deductible value, understanding the terms and conditions, and how all those decisions affect the price you pay.

You don’t have to make all these decisions alone. Insurance brokers help take the mystery out of purchasing insurance. And once you’re properly insured, brokers are here to help guide you along the way so you get the best value for your needs.

What does a broker do?

Insurance brokers help people purchase the right insurance coverage for their needs. The licensed professionals at AIM are here for you. We use our knowledge and experience to provide you with independent advice, assess your insurance needs, and help you in the event of a claim.

There are countless advantages of working with an insurance broker; we’ve narrowed the list down to our top five:

  1. Personal Approach
    Think of your broker as your personal advisor in all insurance matters. Brokers make sure that when your needs change, your insurance can change with it. The experts at AIM take the time to ask the right questions to ensure you are protected from the unexpected, with personalized service instead of automated, bot-generated response. We put you first.
  2. Choice and Flexibility
    Insurance brokers don’t sell insurance; they help people with insurance. Our access to a wide range of insurers provides you with more options. All you have to do is make one call to a broker, tell them your wish list, and then they can recommend the best insurer for your needs and budget. Brokers do the shopping to find you the right coverage at a competitive price. Instead of going with a standard policy coming directly from the insurer, we can create a policy tailor-made for you, saving you time and money.
  3. No Fees
    There are no costs or hidden fees to work with an insurance broker. Brokers receive a commission through the insurance companies that you place your business with.
  4. Claims Counselling
    There may be times when it doesn’t make sense to put in a claim, such as an incident with little damage and your policy’s deductible is higher than the repair cost. If you call your insurance company directly to inform them of that incident, they’re required to submit a claim. If you contact your insurance broker instead, they can provide claims counselling to remove that uncertainty. They can help walk you through the claims process to help you decide what is in your best interest, not the insurance company’s.
  5. Advocacy
    Your insurance broker represents and advocates for you with the insurance company. If you need to make a claim, we guide you through the process to help ensure a fair and speedy settlement.

For any of your insurance needs or questions, connect with an AIM Insurance broker to help secure the best value and coverage for your individual needs. Insurance brokers understand that protecting your family and loved ones is important to you. It’s important to us too.

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