Can I Get Motorcycle Insurance Without a License?

Motorcycle enthusiasts understand that owning a bike is more than a hobby; it's a lifestyle. Whether it's the allure of vintage classics, the sleek appeal of custom models, or the adrenaline rush from sportbikes, each motorcycle type has its unique charm and specific insurance needs. At AIM Insurance, we specialize in catering to every motorcycling need, including competitive race bikes and providing medical coverage for racing events outside your home province or country.

Motorcycle Insurance - Why is it Necessary?

First things first, motorcycle insurance, much like auto insurance, is a legal requirement in Canada. It safeguards riders from financial damage resulting from accidents, theft, vandalism, and more. It is designed to cover either the repair or replacement costs of the motorcycle, medical costs if injuries occur, and liabilities if other drivers or pedestrians are injured.

Getting Insurance Without a License - Is it Possible?

Contrary to some misconceptions, having a valid motorcycle license is a prerequisite for obtaining motorcycle insurance. This requirement is in place to ensure that all riders on the road have the necessary skills and knowledge to operate their vehicles safely. AIM Insurance adheres strictly to this policy, ensuring all clients are compliant with legal standards.

Specialized Insurance Programs at AIM Insurance

  • Vintage and Classic Motorcycles: For those passionate about vintage and classic motorcycles, we offer specialized policies that cater to the unique aspects of owning a historic bike. These policies consider the bike's age, rarity, and specific maintenance needs.
  • Custom Motorcycles: Custom bikes, with their unique modifications and personal touches, require insurance that covers the added value of these alterations. Our custom motorcycle insurance policies are designed to cover both the base vehicle and the enhancements made to it.
  • Sportbikes: Given their high performance and associated risks, sportbikes require a specific type of insurance. We provide policies that take into account their speed, agility, and potential replacement costs.
  • Competition Race Bikes: For the racers, our insurance coverage extends to competitive race bikes, ensuring that your investment is protected both off the track.
  • Out-of-Province/Country Medical Coverage: We also offer medical coverage for riders participating in events or races outside their home province or country, ensuring they are covered in case of any medical emergencies.

The Legal Side of Motorcycle Riding

While owning a motorcycle without a license is possible, riding it without one is illegal and comes with severe consequences, including fines and impoundment. 

To fully enjoy the experience of motorcycle riding, obtaining a valid motorcycle license is paramount. This not only aligns with legal requirements but also ensures the safety of the rider and others on the road.


At AIM Insurance, we understand the intricacies of motorcycle ownership and riding. While it is necessary to have a motorcycle license to obtain insurance, we offer tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of every motorcycle enthusiast. 

For those seeking thrill, nostalgia, or competitive edge, we have a policy that fits. Remember, the joy of motorcycle riding comes with responsibility - the foremost being to ride safely and stay insured. 

Reach out to us for motorcycle insurance solutions that match your passion and lifestyle.

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