AIM Insurance announced as one of Canada’s Fastest growing Brokerage

AIM Insurance announced as one of Canada’s Fastest growing Brokerage’s from Insurance Business Canada Magazine

The Journey so far …

Days turn to weeks, turns to months, and turns to years.  It feels like yesterday we started our journey as a brokerage, excited about the opportunity to do things different…be different.  The problem with time is, if you don’t pay attention, or take time to reflect, moments will pass by without even being noticed.  It doesn’t feel like it has been 2 years since this all started, but sometimes, things happen and make you take a minute, take a brief pause from the day-to-day to recognize where we have been, and what we have achieved.

This moment for us was when IBC magazine reached out regarding an award as one of the IBC 2022 fastest growing brokerage in Canada.  Awards are earned, not given, and for us, we take with great pride in the winning of these awards.  They are a great way to benchmark where we are at with our peers, and how our clients feel we are stacking up to their needs.  Are we continuing to stay true to our values that we mapped out when we started? Ultimately, awards like this give us a reflection of our clients, or peers see.  Almost like AIM can look in a mirror to see the reflection of our brand and its impact on the communities around us.

To be named fastest growing brokerage is something that gives us pause, because as we grow, we are excited.  We are excited because this is our vision, our hard work and our goal.  But we also pause, because we know to continue deserving these awards, and continue driving our vision we need to stay true to what got us this far.

What are we aiming for? What makes us different? These are questions we asked ourselves before we wrote our first policy, opened our first location, or spoke to our first client.

  1. Service: Without service, what do we have? Our clients are the lifeline of our business, and servicing them every day is what sets us apart from the rest.
  2. Local: We believe in local.  We believe in community, we believe in brick and mortar, and above all, we believe in servicing the local communities we are a part of.
  3. Expertise: We pride ourselves in understanding the insurance landscape, to be here when you need us, and to present the best products available to our clients

As we grow, and continue to press on, we know that the accolades only mean we have stayed true to the above values so far.  But we also know that to continue to deserve this success, we must stay true to what got us here.

The rollercoaster of the last few years has had many ups and many downs – in business, and in life.  But one thing that has remained constant is our commitment to provide an insurance experience that clients deserve.  No one can predict the future, but what we can do is make sure as we continue to press forward on this amazing journey, AIM is committed to our clients, our markets, and our communities.  We want to thank everyone for the recognition, we couldn’t have got here without you, and we look forward to the next 2 years, and 5, and 10 – with you, because without you, there is no us.


The Team @ AIM Insurance.

click the link to see the announcement from Insurance Business Canada.

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