It just feels good when you know you’re covered. Just like a warm, fuzzy blanket, it’s always there, no matter where you are. Having your condominium insured with condo insurance provides that same, comfortable blanket. AIM Insurance provides condo insurance coverage for not just your personal stuff, but also for any improvements you’ve made to the existing structure. You can count on AIM to be there when you need us most with coverage that helps you prepare for life’s unexpected moments.

Why condo insurance?

Most condominium associations don’t require you to insure your unit, but condo insurance can prove invaluable if you find yourself facing expenses you didn’t see coming.

Your association normally provides coverage for the unit itself and any areas shared by other owners, but many items, such as your personal belongings, improvements to your unit, and loss assessments are your responsibility. Our condo insurance helps fill these coverage gaps. We can work with you and help you determine the dollar value of your uncovered items, and then we’ll provide you insurance that covers these belongings up to and including any additional living expenses you may incur as a result of a loss.

Are insurance costs different depending on where I live ?

Where your residence is located can impact your condo insurance costs, but this is no hard and fast rule. Your condo’s location is just one aspect of determining your premiums. Your personal belongings’ value, as well as any past claims, can also impact your insurance costs.

Why is it important to have loss assessment coverage?

Condominiums can have anywhere from two to four or more units per building. You’re an equal shareholder when it comes to responsibility for the building with the other unit owners. Should a fee be levied on the building, all the unit owners are responsible equally. If you have loss assessment coverage, your portion of the fee is covered.

Is my onsite storage covered, too ?

Whether you keep all your belongings in your unit, or you store some items in an onsite garage or storage locker, your condo insurance covers everything.

AIM for Tomorrow

Getting your condo insured is easy with AIM Insurance. Have any questions or ready to begin? Contact us today.