Personal Coverage with a Personal Touch

Protecting your assests is why you buy insurance, but what you deserve is the right coverage at the right price with a focus on servicing your specific purchasing needs.  Personal insurance has many different options, so finding you the right solution is always our number one goal.  We “aim” to show you the difference outstanding service can make in your insurance portfolio, so let us help you find a new solution to protecting yourself and your assets.

Car Insurance is mandatory in Ontario, but there are different limits and coverage options that we can tailor to fit your budget and individual needs.  Whether you are looking for basic coverage to protect your liabilities, or full coverage to protect physical damage to your car, we can find a solution for you.

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Motorcycle Insurance is what we do.  If you’re riding for the first time, or are a seasoned veteran on the road, we have insurance solutions for you.  If you are riding a motorcycle, it isn’t because you have to, it’s because you have a passion for the ride, and our passion is for finding you the solution you need to be protected.

2 wheels, 3 wheels, customs and cruisers, our knowledge of the marketplace can get you the solution you need to be on the road enjoying your ride.

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A Home is one of the largest assets you will ever own, and protecting that investment is very important to you and to us.  With the difference in coverage limits and options for home insurance, having a broker has never been more important.  We make sure to offer you the right solutions at the right price, so you can rest assured your home and your investment are protected.

Home insurance covers your actual home, along with your belongings, living expenses and liability, so it is important that you get the right coverage for your situation.

Did you know that bundling your insurance with your auto insurance can save you up to 30%? Looking for some options – your a few simple questions away from finding the insurance solution you are looking for

Your lifestyle demands options, and it is our job to give you the best coverage to fit your lifestyle.  Classic cars, boats, ATV, snowmobile – we have the coverage options that give you the best options for your leisure activities.

Your hobbies and interests are what motivates you, and making sure you have the right coverage for these assets is what motivates us.  It is our AIM to give you the best coverage and best pricing options so you can spend your time enjoying your activities – having the peace of mind that you are protected.