Your Commercial Property is one of your most valuable assets, and we AIM to make sure that asset is protected. Specializing in finding the right coverage, at the right price is our main goal, and we deal with many different insurance companies to make sure you have all the options available to make a knowledgeable buyers decision. Homeowners policies protect both your property, as well as your personal liability, helping to protect you from injury or damage to another person or their property. The insurance world is changing quickly, and attributing factors such as altering weather patterns and increased density means losses are growing at an alarmingly increasing rate. Our goal is to make sure if one of these losses happen, there will be help for you. Looking for full sewer back up instead of a capped limit? Have a need for overland water coverage? Looking for increased identity theft coverage? The changing world presents many opportunities for bad things to happen, and by working with you, we can design a tailored insurance product to best protect you.

Have a dog? A pool? Specialized jewelry, coins or other collectibles? Did you know all insurance companies offer different limits of coverage for these valuables? We specialize in tailored home coverage to fit your needs and make sure in the event of a loss there is the right amount of coverage for the things that you have lost.

Think because you rent you don’t need a policy? A large mis-conception in the insurance world is that if you rent a property, you are covered in the event of a loss. However, should a loss occur, whether you rent in a condo, an apartment, or a portion of a home without your own protection you could be left without protection in the event of a claim. A condo policy can help protect your assets within the building you rent as well as the liabilities associated with you while living there. Have you ever considered where you would go in the unfortunate event there was a loss at the building you occupy? Your condo policy provides coverage for relocation and additional living expenses associated with the loss you suffered.

Ever considered Umbrella coverage? Did you know that Umbrella coverage can help protect your personal liability with increase limits and options over a standard homeowners coverage package? Considering requesting a quote for Umbrella coverage from one of our team members, it can be an inexpensive way to increase your standard limits of coverage.

Have a rental? Looking for expanding coverage for a cottage you rent or occupy? Did you know bundling these coverages with your homeowners policy can provide additional savings and protection? Bundling insurance can be one of the easiest ways to increase discounts and provide the most competitive product for your insurance needs.

Looking for coverage for your additional toys while at the cottage? Have a boat, sea-doo or leisure-craft? Sea-doo or snowmobile? Off-road vehicle? By bundling all of your insurance with an AIM specialist, we can make sure all of your assets are protected to leave you time to focus on what’s important to you.

There are many options for home insurance out there, and your home and other personal assets are in an ever changing landscape fraught with hidden problems around every corner. By taking the time to work with one of our insurance specialists, we can make sure we protect you from all angles, and take the worry out of your insurance buying process. Your satisfaction is our number one AIM.