Do you know the difference between personal auto insurance and commercial auto insurance? Has it ever been explained that business activities in a vehicle insured with personal coverage could present issues in the event of a claim? Do you know there are additional discounts for bundling your commercial vehicle and business together? Commercial auto insurance is a sometimes glossed over consideration when it comes to protecting business assets, but in the event of a claim understanding the type of coverage you need to buy is very important. Everyone in Ontario requires automobile insurance, but without understanding the coverage you are buying, you could be put in a position where you aren’t purchasing the coverage you thought you were. We AIM to help you understand the buying process, teaching you the difference between coverages, and giving you options to allow you to make the best decision for you business; after all, who knows your business better than you? Commercial auto insurance helps in 3 basic ways –

  1. To protect you or your employees in the event of an accident causing bodily injuries – there are many options available to you as a consumer, and without understanding these options you may find coverage you need is limited.
  2. To protect your commercial vehicles from physical damage – Have you ever considered the net savings to increase your deductible structure? Are you aware of how physical damage claims are settled depending on the age of your vehicle?
  3. To protect your company and yourself from a liability claim as a result of a third party loss – By making sure you have adequate insurance limits to protect your assets, you can be sure in the event of a claim you will have the protection you need.

Did you know some insurers will allow you to place both your personal lines and commercial vehicles on the same policy? By combining these policies you could find additional savings and discounts. Furthermore, bundling your insurance together could produce further discounts on your additional lines of coverage. Some insurers offer multi-policy discounts for having both automobile and commercial coverage together.

Do you have 5 vehicles or more? Did you know insurers offer additional potential savings for what they deem to be fleet insurance. Fleet insurance is typically determined to be 5 vehicles or more, and can present your commercial auto policy with additional savings and options that are not available without fleet insurance.

By giving you the most information and options available, we make sure you are comfortable with the buying process, helping you protect your business, because that is our number one AIM.