Your business is the result of your hard work and dedication to making your dream a reality, which is why we AIM to make sure it is protected in the event of a loss. We know you work hard, and the daily tasks surrounding running a business are extremely taxing on your time. We also know, there are only so many hours to go around, which is why we try to make the insurance buying process as seamless as possible. We always like to ask, what about your insurance makes you lose sleep? Do you understand the product you are buying? Our job is to build a product that can protect your business, but in order to do that to its fullest, we really want to understand what you do, and the impact a claim could have on how you do it.

Business insurance can protect you from a variety of weather related incidents including Fire, flood, sewer-backup and snow-load just to name a few. But did you know it can also protect you from a variety of other factors outside of Mother Nature’s torment? Coverage can be purchased for loss of income in the event of a claim, theft both by outside parties or even inside parties (like employees), or even a cyber loss. With the recent uptick in cyber crimes, it is now more important than ever for you to review your options surrounding cyber business insurance. With the new legislation surrounding notification of breach, something as simple as a misplaced laptop could leave you open to major out of pocket expenses in the event of a clients data getting into the wrong hands. Our specialists deal with many different carriers to offer lots of options for all of these coverage options.

Your Business insurance policy also protects your company in the event of a liability loss relating to your business. Whether it is damage to a persons property, damage caused by a product you manufactured, damage caused by a vehicle that you do not own, or even something such as libel or slander, there are tailored coverage options available to protect you and your company. Did you know certain insurance companies have certain exclusions within their wording that could cause you pain in the event of a claim. Does your policy offer non-owned auto coverage? Does it have a participant exclusion? Is there host liquor liability? All of these questions may seem foreign, but they are very important when it comes to making sure your business is protected the right way. With litigation costs rising and claims coming forward now more than ever, Canada has become a fairly litigious society. Having not only the right coverage, but the right limits is more important than ever to protect your companies assets, and your future.

Have you ever considered something as simple as an employee dispute representing a major disruption to your business. Did you know there is coverage that can help you in the event of something like this happening. Employment practices liability is a coverage that every business owner should consider as a way of protecting their company and its assets. In the event of a wrongful termination accusation, employment practices insurance can be there to help defend you when you need it most.

Have you ever considered bundling your business insurance with your home or car insurance? Did you know there could be added benefits to doing so? Having all of your insurance with one carrier can help offer additional benefits that only bundling your insurance could provide. By dealing with many insurance carriers, our experts can be sure they are offering you the most competitive and fair business insurance package, putting your mind at ease to focus on what you need to keep your business running smooth and successful, because your success is our satisfaction, which is our primary AIM.